the watch

The new EZAKI watch 

Case: 316L surgical grade steel 
Movement: Sellita SW 200 Made in Switzerland 
Crystal front & back: Sapphire crystal with single coat anti reflective on front 
Case back: Sapphire crystal 
Case diameter: 40mm 
Case thickness: 12mm 
Water resistance: 30M 
Assembly: China
Power reserve: 38 hours 
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds a day 
Band 1: 20mm steel Milanese style with quick release pins and logo double lock safety clasp with 
Band 2: 20mm black alligator style leather with quick release pins and push button style deployant 
clasp with logo 
Warranty: 1 year international 
Packaging: Metal embossed box

The idea

A combination of ideas, one from a naval source, the “EOT” Engine Order Telegraph, the other from the passage of time, how no two moments are the same. 

Passage of time: No two moments are the same, no two times are the same. As time moves, so does the watch dial, as opposed to an “average” watch where the time is indicated by hands on a “stagnant” dial. My design has a “dynamic” dial, where the dial itself tells the wearer the time. EOT: The Engine Order Telegraph was always something I thought was a fantastic looking device, and was a mainstay of movies and TV shows that I’ve watched since I was a small child.


The sound of the mechanism as it moved, and the ringing of the bell, to alert the engine room of the change in orders from the captain. The indicator is a small section of the arc of a circle, using this principle, I thought, why not use this indicator as my “window” into time? It makes sense to have the time “viewed” from within the section highlighted by the indicator.


After my original ideas for the dial had been sketched onto paper, I worked with my manufacturer to design a case, it was to continue the idea of concentric circles; one circle encircling the other. I had originally thought of a very clean and simple case. 

After a number of small adjustments, we came to the final design as we have today. 

Notable features 
of the case

The watch is extremely “minimalist”. I’ve endeavoured to create a watch that is not

“fussy”, or “complicated” to look at, it’s clean & simple from ALL points of view.

I’ve always thought that a watch could be a perfect circle. After drawing the dial & indicator, I have “hidden” the crown from normal view, it is easily accessible

 because of our indent at in the back of the case. The crown is marked with the “E” 

from our logo.


The indicator is notable for being the only “matt” finished part of the watch. The entire case is in a high polish finish, the indicator is matt, to make it obvious against the dial, and the case itself. Featuring a concentric circle of polishing lines, and the discreet EZAKI logo at the top, it makes itself seen, without being gaudy.

See through case back: Why should we only see the front of the watch? The case back is see through to let people see the quality Swiss movement that we’ve put into our first ever watch. Quality is worth seeing.

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Feature rotor

Our rotor is blackened, with our logo in a high contrast finish.

Individually numbered: As our first watch ever, we are numbering each watch made, each one will be engraved on the case back surround, your watch will be unique. A future collectible.

Case cutouts

When making the band sit close to the watch case, you have a few options, one is to make fitted bands, this limits the owners chances of customizing, second option is to have thinner smaller pins, this also reduces the option of customizing, the third option, was to give the case a slight “cut out”, and make the lugs shorter, this gives two desirable features.  1: the band looks more integral to the case, 2: the band can have standard pins which are thicker & stronger, and far more common, increasing the chances for the owner to customize their watch as they see fit.

Case size

Case size is 40mm, why? Because 45mm is just too big, 36mm is just too small …. 40mm is a nice size, that seems to be easy to wear for a large majority of people, large enough to be highly legible, small enough to be a smart dress watch. 


On Kickstarter our watch has been listed at a VERY cheap price.

We are making the watch extremely competitive, pricing starts at only US$399, which is a considerable saving over our proposed retail price of US$850.


My name is Masis Agopyan, I am the owner and the designer of EZAKI watches. I have been designing and drawing since a very early age, I have been a jewellery designer since the 1990s, and I have worked in the jewellery & watch industry since my early teens. I am Australia’s youngest ever gemologist, the youngest ever Diamond grader, Diamond Technologist, and also Jewellery valuer, completing all these at the age of 18 years. A lifetime of work in the industry, in retail & wholesale has given me the knowledge and skills needed to design and produce this watch to the quality that I am happy to sell at.

I have been working on this watch for a number of years now, I wore one almost daily for over a year to ensure I was happy with it, that it was comfortable, easy to read, and it was free of fault (design or manufacturing), my commitment to quality for a great price has driven this entire project forward, I’ve spent long hours wondering if I’ve put on too many lines on the case, where can I improve the design, did I choose the right font for the numbers etc. I have worked hard to bring my vision to fruition, and I’m hoping you like it.


Shipping and handling with our kickstarter project is FREE globally. All charges are INCLUDED with our pricing. You only need to worry about your local duties and taxes